The two forms that are required to activate your file with Wings Housing are

  1. personal information form and,
  2. medical information form.

The information required is basic but both forms must be filled in completely. You may submit additional information, if you wish.

The personal application form should include a phone number, email address, or a message number so we can get in touch with you. Please be sure to update your application should any information change.

The medical information form must be filled out by your HIV diagnosing physician and include their signature and office stamp.

Wait list files are kept active for two years. Updating your information with us once a year will ensure you file stays active and will not be removed from the wait list. You can send us updates by postal mail at the address shown below, by email at the email contact shown below, or in person at our offices. Please call the office first to ensure we are not closed for meetings or appointments. Or check our voice mail for daily schedule updates.

Download and complete these two forms:


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